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What the Hell Happened?

Everyone has been asking “What the hell happened to you guys?”  People ask those kinds of questions when they know you for ten years and then you disappear.

Here’s what happened: We were standing in front of the boss as he sat at his big desk when he pushed a hidden button and a trap door opened up beneath us.  We dropped about 15 feet into a dark wet hole (insert your own dirty joke here) and landed on our heads.  Garrett’s oxygen tank hit Zito in the head and he was knocked out cold.  ”Oh my” said Garrett.  Just then, an alligator swam by and Garrett grabbed his tail and then grabbed Zito and the alligator pulled them out to safety.  Zito woke up in the sunshine and said “Shit, tits, fuck!”.  He was still a little stunned by the blow to the head from Garrett’s tank.

Both men wandered off and a few months later bumped into each other.  Somebody recorded the event and made it into the first episode of The Zito and Garrett Podcast.

Funny how life works, huh?